My 48 hours at a glance

3 04 2012

For 48 hours I marked what sort of media was used and I used an excel spread sheet to keep track of my process. At first I thought it would be difficult to keep track of all my usage, but as I continued it seemed easy to just quickly jot down my work, even though it seemed tedious to constantly write in my spread sheet. Below is the break down of my media usage throughout the 48 hours (Thursday and Friday).

Class- 3 hours

Watched television- 8 hours

Music on ipod and radio- 18 hours

Emails, cell phone and FB use- 8 hours

Working at Work Out World- 6 hours

Reading and homework- 6 hours

Video Games- 2 hours

The most media used was listening to either my ipod or the radio and the consisted of 18 hours. The reason it is very high is because during my sleeping time I have Rainy Mood in the background, which is an app on my ipod that plays rainy and thunder noises which is peaceful to sleep to. The second highest use is watching television, also netflix from the computer plugged into the television set.

The least form of media that I used was playing video games with my boyfriend and my friend. The reason the use is so low is because the games we played were not of interest to me but I still tried them out.

A total of combined 8 hours was spent speaking with others via phone, email and FB (facebook). I try to stay away from distractions such as FB because I have other important things to attend to such as school work and going to my job. The reason I combined email, phone and FB was because I felt that they all fall into the same category. With my phone use, I mainly used it to communicate through text messages and made a phone call at least once because I don’t particularly like to talk on the phone.

For my workstudy job I work in the Dean of Students suite at RWU Law School and I have the task of helping to organize the annual Diversity Symposium Dinner. Most of my emails consist of contacting those who have not responded and to keep track of those who have.

Looking back at my work and seeing how much media I used, I was actually surprised that I use distraction sites like FB for shorter amounts of time than I have thought. I usually am one to be very distracted but apparently I don’t use FB as an outlet for my distractions. I am not surprised that listening to music was my highest media usage because I am constantly wearing my headphones and have some sort of music playing. If anything, the hours should technically be larger because while writing papers and playing video games I have either music or Rainy Mood playing in close proximity.

I think after this assignment and having a closer look at the type of media I use and for how long, I don’t think I will change anything only because music keeps me focused from distractions like FB. The longer I have some sort of music or Rainy Mood playing in the background of what I am doing keeps distractions at a low usage.




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