Culture Jamming- Skittles

10 04 2012

The above photo is the reworked ad for Skittles. The reason I chose to take the Skittles advertisement was in light of the Trayvon Martin case that has swept the nation for over two months. All around the country there have been protests, marches and cries for justice because of this death that did not have to happen. The storyline behind Skittles is that it was the “weapon” that Trayvon was carrying and he was shot because of it.

At the top left of the ad I have changed the words “original fruit” to “original killer”. The “S” on each of the candy pieces have been changed to “T”, for Trayvon. The pitch for Skittles is “find the rainbow, taste the rainbow”. Beneath the large Skittles logo I hanged the pitch to “find the justice, taste the justice” which is targeted to those in charge of getting justice for Trayvon. Finally, the Net weight has been changed from the weight of the bag to meaning that the weight of having this bag is worth one life.

At first I wasn’t sure how I was going to change the ad, even though Skittles was always my topic because this case has been very important to me and those who share the same pain. I first was going to take the ad for chocolate covered and flavored Skittles and work an oppositional reading around the problem of racism, which is what unfortunately happened in the case of Trayvon Martin.

The biggest problem I had with creating this ad was due to the tedious process that was done to make this ad complete. I do not have a laptop, aka Mac, in which I am able to go on Photoshop whenever possible, so I first had to find the appropriate time to make this ad. What took the longest was having the different layers in Photoshop to replace the “S” with “T” on each of the Skittles. I next had to come up with catchy pitch lines instead of the ones already tagged on to Skittles in their commercials.

I chose this oppositional reading because Skittles is the candy that must be so deadly for a young man to have died over. Skittles itself obviously did not kill Trayvon, but since he had the item along with an ice tea George Zimmerman, the gunman, thought he was in danger and assumed Trayvon had a weapon and thus shot Trayvon. The country is in complete uproar because of this incident, as they should be. Zimmerman has yet to be charged in Trayvon’s death because of a Florida law giving the right to use any force if you “feel” that your life is in danger.

Overall, I am happy with the work I have created and I personally feel that it is channeling the greater good of the situation. In order for justice to occur we have to first voice each of our opinions in support of Trayvon Martin, which means George Zimmerman must first be held accountable for his actions.


Below is the original ad for Skittles’ link,r:0,s:0,i:73


Below is the original ad for Skittles




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