The Brain/ Pharma Ads

24 04 2012

I thought the Secret Life of the Brain was  very interesting. In one way or another we are taught about the brain as a whole as well with individual parts but it seems not as important as it should to us. As I get ready to graduate and move on to law school in the fall, there are things that I should be aware of when it comes to my brain to better enhance my performance in school. When I was younger I dedicated my athletic training to cheerleading and gymnastics and because of that I suffered many concussions and blows to the head. While obviously none of them became life threatening, my doctor had told me that those hits, especially in my frontal lobes, caused me to not stay focused in school and could be the reason that plenty of times I could not control my emotions and behaviors. I stopped doing those activities in my second year of college and I can say that I have seen a significant improvement in my attention and reasoning because I am not frequently being hit in the head. If I had seen this tour during high school I think it would have made more sense as to why some things were happening instead of taking my doctor’s word for it. Now that I am more educated, I can connect the dots myself.

I wouldn’t say that just because I have now viewed this tour that I am going to change my way of thinking, I just feel I am more aware of the dangers and why things in the brain work and don’t work. Growing up I had always wondered why my mother was the only one with perfect vision and her children needed eye ware. I now know that it is a genetic complication but it makes one wonder; if we each have our own brains, can’t they function to their own ability without dealing with what our parents have?


The ad I chose is for Latisse- a product that helps grow lashes to be fuller and darker. The ad does not automatically begin with symptoms, however, while the spokeswoman beings to speak about how to use Latisse, the words “DO NOT APPLY to lower lid. Hair growth may occur outside the treatment area”. So one can assume that if the medicine gets into other areas of the eye, hair growth will continue. She then states that she saw results in 4 weeks and full growth in 16 weeks. Text states, however, that results may vary; meaning you might not have the same success as Claire Danes (paid spokeswoman and actual user).

The side effects stated are itchy eye and eye redness. The symptoms of the product are increased brown pigmentation around the eye and eyelid skin darkening. Both the side effects and the symptoms have the same amount of dissatisfaction. The ad repeatedly states that this is a prescription only medication and should NOT be taken unless followed up with a doctor and under their permission.

The ad promises the user longer, fuller and darker lashes can be obtained with the use of Latisse. The images used mimic what the spokeswoman is saying in regards to her success in 4-16 weeks without the use of mascara or Photoshop eyelashes.


Below is the ad link for Latisse.




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